Top List Reset Date: 2021/05/03 01:07:20

1. Vote For Site.

A visitor should only vote for your site because they want to, not because they are forced or tricked to do it.

2. Cheating Attempts.

Any cheating attempts will result in banning you from the top list. some cheating examples are proxy voting, automatic voting and force voting. You must notify your site's staff not to help in any of these activities.

3. Sites Dedicated To Hacking Or Cracking.

Sites that are solely dedicated to hacking or cracking are not allowed and will be removed from the top list.

4. Adult Content.

Sites that contain adult content like erotic, nudity are not allowed and will be swiftly removed.

5. User Explicit Actions.

Using methods to send users through the voting link other than by the users own concent and actions will get you removed from the top list.

6. Allowed Votes.

Votes are only allowed to come from the account holders website.

7. Trading, Selling.

Trading, selling or giving away accounts is forbidden.

8. Fake Server Advertisement.

Websites and fake servers containing advertisement only are not allowed, we will remove these sites without warning!